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Our team has experience across many industries, financing options, and unique structures.

Targeting the Transportation, Construction, Oil and Gas, Mining, Forestry, and now Automotive sectors, we’re here to provide creative funding solutions for every clients’ situation through our Vendor, Third Party Origination, Commercial Structuring, and Commercial Fleet divisions, all while continuing to provide the same superior funding solutions and products that Dynamic Capital is known for.

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Vendor Program

Dynamic’s Vendor program is a team of five, spearheaded by two of our Partners, Dave Holmberg and Brad Wagar.

Spanning across Canada, the Vendor team’s target is to grow Dynamic’s internal funding portfolio by developing direct relationships with Vendors in their territory, streamlining funding processes and helping to get equipment to work faster.

Dave Holmberg Dynamic Capital
Scott Schephens Dynamic Capital
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Automotive Finance

Third Party Originations

Our Third Party Originations (TPO) program was created by another one of our Partners, Scott Schephens. Much like our Vendor division, TPO works toward developing direct relationships with other Financial Brokers.

Through utilizing Dynamic’s experience, professional network and in-house resources, we work with outside brokerages to develop funding processes and solutions for their clients.

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Championed by Commercial Structuring Specialists, Jessa Kennedy and Anthony Siracusa, we’re excited to announce our new Commercial Structuring division in 2022.

With clients’ best interests in mind, and to continue to utilize Dynamic’s In-House Financing options, this team will be identifying consolidation, refinance, working capital, succession financing, acquisitions, and buyout needs across Canada.

In addition to traditional term debt facilities, our Structuring Specialists have access to a full suite of products, including, but not limited to, Asset Based Lending (ABL) facilities, equipment backed revolvers, and bridge financing.  As the client’s advisor, Jessa and Anthony can also introduce relationships that will assist your business with all of its operational needs.

Jessa Kennedy  |  Western Canada                                                                  Anthony Siracusa  |  Eastern Canada                                                      

To contact either Specialist, please visit our Team page.

Jessa Kennedy
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Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Fleet

As we continue to grow, we’ve identified a need for superior financing toward commercial and fleet vehicles. This includes small start-ups to larger established companies, with several vehicles, and everything in between. Our lending criteria enables us to achieve approvals that other institutions cannot.

Whether it be flat deck trucks, gooseneck trailers, pickups or cranes, we’re here to help build your fleet:

Pre-Approvals up to $500,000

Any Brand

New and Used

Lease And Finance

Business Stand Alone