BC Logging Contractor for Sale


Offer & Highlights

Going concern logging contractor is selling its assets for $12.5 million. The Company is a turnkey, operating business delivering 125,000 m3 annual volume within a stable Timber Supply Area.
Land & buildings $650,000
Equipment $10,740,000
Logging contract $1,035,000
Hauling contract, core positions $120,000

The company is an experienced steep slope logging contractor in Golden BC with 20 long-term, skilled employees. Assets at fair market value are $12.54 million, including land & buildings (shop, yard), logging equipment capable of harvesting 125,000 m3 annually, 6 core positions in a replaceable hauling agreement and 4 replaceable logging contracts for 87,000 m3 valued at $12/m3 with Pacific Woodtech Corporation. Excess sales over contract volume are also to the primary customer.

The Company is open to an offer on part or all the equipment. The land & buildings may be purchased, leased, or excluded from the sale. The company’s principals are willing to stay on to assist in the management and transition of operations.



The company has produced steady, strong revenue and EBITDA. The EBITDA ratio is above typical for southern interior logging contractors.

Volume Revenue/m3 Adj. EBITDA Adj. EBITDA ratio
2022 139,000 m3 $63 $3,151,134 36%
2021 125,856 m3 $64 $3,063,461 38%
2020 125,403 m3 $51 $1,135,836 18%
2019 122,586 m3 $54 $1,898,554 29%


BC Logging Contractor for Sale


2 yarders, 2 winch assist systems
2 bunchers, 2 processors, 2 log loaders, 5 skidders
4 roadbuilders, 4 dozers
7 logging truck / trailers
14 pickups
Other equipment including ambulance & trailers

Key Highlights
4 Bill 13 replaceable contracts for 87,000 m3 with Pacific Woodtech, Golden B.C.
6 core positions
Delivering 125,000 m3 annually
$8 million annual revenue
$10.7 million logging equipment
$650,000 land & buildings
3 year average EBITDA margin 26%
Experienced, long-term operator
Located in Golden B.C.